Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards, checks and PayPal. Bank transfers are accepted for large payments.

Payment Terms

Our default payment terms are net 30 days (n30) for new projects, and net 0 (n0) for subscription plans. We have been known to be flexible, because we understand that every company operates under different policies and practices.

Payment Intervals

Since all payments are made in advance, our team is rarely affected by the interval you decide. Payment intervals typically only affect the subscription plans. The options available are monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually.

We don't currently specialize in specific industries. We do a quite a bit of work in local services, online stores and health care. We specialize in startups, e-commerce and organizations seeking stable growth. We help entrepreneurs get off the ground, or reach for that next level.
We consult on websites, web applications, optimization efforts (SEO, CRO, PSO, etc.), business development and technological infrastructure.

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