I was subcontracted under another agency early last year, and one of the tools that was mandatory for a project was a screen capturing software called “Jing”. I’d never heard of it, but I found out quickly. Jing is the free alternative to Snagit, both of which are built by TechSmith. Since that project I didn’t really use it much. I was on a Windows computer, and almost never used it because screenshots were easy to do, and I never really had a need for it. Last month, I migrated to an iMac and I’ve been using this thing like CRAZY. Every couple of days I’ve got this thing open. It works the same on both systems, but the placement on my Mac is in the top right corner, whereas my PC was top middle. Which seems to be a huge difference, but I realized that screenshots on a Mac…HUGE FREAKING PROBLEM. LoL! I’m still using my HP Keyboard because I don’t like those low pro type keyboards and I also learned to code on it. So that would be a tough transition because I code alot of crap. So. If you’re in the market for free software to take Snagit type screenshots, check out Jing!



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