We received a reader’s question about how to manage passwords. The best, and most secure way, to manage passwords is to use a solid password manager. About 8 months ago, I had an iPhone 5S. I’d been using iPassword for a few years and it was time for a change. My wife busted her iPhone up beyond repair, so I came up with a crazy idea. I would buy a Galaxy S8+, and give her my iPhone so that she could use it for a trade in. During that I had to find a password manager that worked on iPhone and Android. During my research, I came across Last Pass at $2-3/ month. I was naturally skeptical at first, but as I began transitioning passwords I FELL IN LOVE. Fast forward to today, I keep all client logins inside Last Pass, as well as, a separate sector for my personal life. It’s freaking amazing and if you can spare a few dollars a month to simplify your life…this is the place to spend it.



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