Using Paymo to track Clients and Invoicing

Are you in the market for a system to track your work and bill your clients? Look no further. Paymo is one of the best tracking systems that I've ever used. I've tried several systems, including Monday, BaseCamp, Asana, and many free options including Trello. 

No system is perfect, but Paymo tops the cake. The best part is that it's free if you don't intend to add employees. I currently have two accounts to Paymo. The contract that I work on, I've got employee access, and I have company owner access under my own agency. 

I also have an employee under subcontract that I'm working with. To make things simple, until I'm confident about adding employees into the system, I'm adding their hours to my own as necessary. I encourage each of you to check out this software. It's worth the cost! (It's free for one person).

Paymo Link


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