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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the monitoring and analysis of your website where you seek to improve the transformation of your visitors into customers.

How Does CRO Work?

CRO covers a wide span of potential, but the majority of these tasks can placed into a few categories of actions. This list is not all inclusive, but it's a great start. The reality is that CRO is an area that should consistently be monitored and updates made regularly.

  1. User Interface (UI) Review and Monitoring
  2. User Experience (UX) Review and Monitoring
  3. Funnel Monitoring
  4. Split Testing
  5. Conversion Monitoring

User Interface (UI) Review and Monitoring

The User Interface (UI) are all of the repeatable elements on the website or app. Think of a button for a moment. All of your buttons on your website should have specific colors, fonts and interactivity, and it should be consistent across the entire website.

All of these separate elements (and there are hundreds) fall under the UI of the website or app. One way that the User Experience (UX) is diminished is from inconsistency in the UI. We help to resolve issues like these.

User Experience (UX) Review and Monitoring

The User Experience (UX) is how visitors on your website or app experience what you've put together on the website. The unfortunate part of UX is that everyone perceives things differently, which definitely makes it harder to contain.

Realistically, you want the majority of people to perceive and experience the exact same thing when they are on your website. It's important to note that this will never happen, but this is the end goal and what we strive to achieve.

Funnel Monitoring

A funnel is the specific flow that users should be traveling through your sales process. In CRO, you can also establish monitoring for tracking what pages the visitors are navigating through your funnel.

When you are tracking a website, as opposed to an actual landing page funnel, the metrics will get more interesting. That's because you will likely have other pages, and blog posts on your website. This is where users get distracted and navigate out of your funnel.

Split Testing

Split testing (also known as "A/B" testing), is the process of making a small change, and test how users interact with those changes. To build a selling machine, you're going to have to run hundreds of tests to improve your website or landing pages.

Each test has to be small enough to actually get real information. For example, you can change one image on your page and run the test to see how people interact with it. Then run a test where a heading is reworded differently.

It's because of these micro tests that CRO typically takes months to achieve the best results. But with higher traffic numbers, you can run more tests in a shorter timeframe. Which means you can execute more tests and get more results faster.

Conversion Monitoring

A conversion can be for anything that suits the needs of your business. For companies that have a blog, you can track conversions on visitors that subscribe for your newsletter or email notifications for blogs. For companies that sell physical products, your conversions are more than likely a purchase. For service based companies, your conversions are most likely having a visitor submit a contact form.

Regardless of your business model, there are always goals involved. For conversion tracking and monitoring, we define what these goals are, and setup our tracking software to identify when these conversions (transformation from visitor to "customer", or completing your goal) take place.

This ultimately ties in all aspects of CRO into the final numbers, where you can see exactly what your conversion rates are.


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