5 Digital Marketing Tips for Online Marketplace Selling

Published: 02-Aug-2021
Last Updated: 09-Jan-2022
5 Digital Marketing Tips for Online Marketplace Selling

As a business owner, when you’re selling products online, developing your own e-commerce website or app from scratch would be impractical. So, many small businesses will typically create their own page on an online marketplace and sell their products there.

Online Marketplace Tips

By using online marketplaces, businesses sell their products on already established platforms, such as Amazon and Etsy. Selling on an online marketplace is definitely more convenient. However, it is not without effort. You still need to drive traffic to your page. Digital marketing tactics can be helpful tips for your marketing campaigns.  

Marketplace Tip 1: SEO

Any good digital marketing strategy will include Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO can be different when driving traffic to your website versus your social media platforms or your business profile page on an online marketplace. When you’re selling on an online marketplace, you already have access to the ecommerce platform's large audience. What you now need to do is make your products or shop appear first when customers type in relevant keywords.

It's here that you digital marketing efforts need to be precise. For this, you need to do keyword research. Keyword research is research that helps you identify what questions people are asking, so you can position yourself with an answer. You'll need to use these keywords in your tags, titles and other areas. You should also optimize your product descriptions, so they’re more SEO-friendly and actually appear to be valuable content.

Marketplace Tip 2: Optimize Your Landing Page

In most online marketplaces, vendors can have their own page or profile for their business. Through your landing page, customers can check your other products, overall rating, and top customer reviews.

Your goal is to ensure that your customers have a good User Experience (UX), which is sometimes called "customer experience", when visiting your landing page. Make sure everything is easy to navigate and that you’ve provided all the necessary information your customers need. 

If you sell various products, try to group them into categories so your customers can easily find what they want. And if you can, try to put your best sellers at the top of your landing page to encourage them to buy.

Marketplace Tip 3: Personalize

A key aspect to any business’s success is to know your customers. Understanding your target audience and their demographics, is the single best method for figuring out how to best market towards them. Once we know who our prospective customers are, we can then focus on our marketing channels (avenues in which we market to our target audience) and hopefully drive them into online sales.

Once you have a good idea of who your customers are, you can start personalizing your message to increase sales. You can analyze their purchasing habits and history to give them the appropriate product recommendations. You could also message users following your store or former customers with any promo alerts, sales, and discounts in your store.

There are plenty of tools and systems used to track and analyze your customer's engagements with your website or marketplace. Many online marketplaces also give you the ability to add your tracking tools to their system as well. 

Marketplace Tip 4: Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews

When many people have a lot of good things to say about your brand or your products, potential customers are more likely to trust you. Most customers tend to check product ratings and reviews before moving forward with a purchase. So, it’s crucial that you receive an overall good rating for your products and your shop as a whole.

When customers buy your products, it’s essential that you encourage them to rate you five stars and leave a good review. Not everyone may read reviews, but those who do tend to do so because they’re on the fence about buying your product. If you have good reviews, you are more likely to sway these customers in your favor and get the sale.

This can easily be implemented into your email marketing strategy. Simply send a review request to the new member of your email list after a customer has purchased a product. Asking for reviews has to be a crucial part of your business model. 

Marketplace Tip 5: Make Use of Sales Facilitating Technology

Technology is there to help us and improve our lives. So, why not make use of third-party technology providers that can help you facilitate sales? The most utilized digital marketing tool is Google Analytics. To learn more about Google Analytics, check out this article. 

These technologies are great assets that can help increase sales and enhance your landing page. For example, you can use chatbots for customer concerns that can be categorized under FAQs. You could also automate some of your processes and improve efficiency in payment transactions. 

Final Thoughts

When selling on an online marketplace, you still need to use digital marketing strategies to drive traffic to your page and increase sales. Like on a regular website, you must have an effective SEO strategy and optimize your landing page. You should also know your customers and personalize their buying experience. Encourage customers to leave good reviews and utilize helpful technologies for efficiency.

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