How Voice Search Can Bring In Extra Traffic to Your Site

Published: 31-Jan-2022
Last Updated: 09-Jan-2022
How Voice Search Can Bring In Extra Traffic to Your Site

Hands-free internet use is here! Today our tongues have the same power to perform searches as our fingers.  Through voice recognition technology backed by artificial intelligence, users can speak to their smart devices to perform internet searches. Questions like "what pizza places are currently delivering near me?" or “Is it going to snow today?" can be quickly answered by voice assistants. 

All users have to do to trigger their search is say their tech giant of choice's voice assistants’ name, and they can perform a voice search with more speed than they ever could by typing. According to a Stanford University study, voice search queries can be performed 3x faster than traditional mobile searches. 

Although the function is a relatively new feature online, people have loved it since its launch. It's easy to chase the shiny object in business/marketing, but trends show that voice search is here to stay. Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Chinese competitors have too much skin in the game for voice assistants to fail (at least without a fight). And the market penetration of this relatively young technology is significant. Edison Research estimates that 94 million people in the U.S. own at least one smart speaker in 2021.

Voice Search Search Engine Optimization

Building blocks are stacked to spell SEO.

Your voice search SEO strategy starts with the basics of SEO and builds on what your team has in place for traditional searches. Unfortunately, voice search optimization isn't an SEO silver bullet or a way to avoid improving your website based on traditional SEO practices. That being said, it can be a great way to boost organic traffic to your website. 

Without further ado, here are some areas to focus on when forming your voice search marketing strategy. 

Long-tail Keywords

Long tail of an alligator.

Ranking for popular keywords (also known as head keywords or short-tail keywords) is an uphill battle. For small businesses in competitive niches, it can feel almost impossible to climb search engine rankings. Voice search provides a prime opportunity to tailor content for long-tail keywords/ keyword phrases. 

Voice search queries are naturally longer than typed search queries. People who are using a voice assistant speak to their devices instead of typing as few words as possible to get the desired result. This results in conversational keywords being processed by the search engine. 

Optimized Content

Content spelled out with board game tiles.

The beauty of voice search is that users get to provide more context about what they’re looking for online. For example, people searched “24/7 delivery services” in the past to look for shipping companies that deliver food to people’s doorsteps. 

Now, users would speak and ask, “What is the best 24/7 delivery service company near me?” Although the first search query is good enough, the second one targets more keywords, which help search engines rank the best results for the user. In effect, people can find better answers to their questions.

Targeted Local Listings

Target and bullseye

Targeting for local SEO spots in any search engine is a challenging accomplishment. Like the search query above, adding the keyword “near me” toggles a local search that should reveal the best results and answers based on the location where the user searched. 

Therefore, if the user searched around the Charlotte area, search engines will provide results closest to the user’s location.

Faster Loading Speeds

A hand holding a stopwatch.

Providing a mobile-responsive website is the future of the digital space. As more people depend on their smartphones to make queries online, more companies that own multiple websites have begun investing in faster loading speeds to ensure the flow-through of website visitors is steady.

Since voice searches are more prevalent on mobile devices, it’s only logical to show results with a faster loading speed on a platform people currently use. As a result, most mobile devices receive mobile responsive search results since those rank well with voice searches.

Efficient Site Navigation

Marketing team discussing a new website design.

People leave websites that are tough to navigate. That’s why website designers must articulate a website as simple and efficient as possible. 

Through a voice search, web designers can link specific websites directly to queries with more particular keywords used, such as “near me” or “in Pennsylvania.” Intent-backed searches should easily link users and visitors to the exact webpage they need without navigating the website and consuming their time.

Wrap Up

In the past, the phrase “in a touch of a button” was the future we saw for the internet. But now, as people develop new ways to make life easier, we have the technology to speak our questions and get tailored answers in return. Voice search is fresh and serves as the future of search results. Now more than ever, web developers should look into producing extra traffic to websites.
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