LastPass is The Best Password Manager

Published: 26-Aug-2019
Last Updated: 27-Aug-2020
LastPass is The Best Password Manager

We received a reader's question about how to manage passwords. The best, and most secure way, to manage passwords is to use a solid password manager. The best password manager that we've found is LastPass.

Why did we need a password manager?

About 8 months ago, I had an iPhone 5S. I'd been using iPassword for a few years and it was time for an upgrade on my phone. Turns out, my wife busted her iPhone up beyond repair, so I came up with a crazy idea.

I would buy a Galaxy S8+, and give her my iPhone so that she could use it for a trade in. During that I had to find a password manager that worked on iPhone and Android because iPassword was only on my device.

last pass on the phone app

Alas. We found LastPass.

During my research, I came across the LastPass password manager. They have an iPhone app, Android app, desktop software and browser extensions that all sync to one repository within their web app. And the best part is that it's only $2-3/ month.

I started on the free version and completed my trial period. Just before the trial ended, I upgraded from the free plan to a family plan. With the family plan, you get to share passwords with up to five family members. This password sharing feature is quite useful. 

I was naturally skeptical at first, but as I began transitioning passwords into my new password vault, I fell in love with LastPass. I didn't realize that I needed a proper flexible password vault that has online storage and a mobile app. Once you setup your strong master password, you can access your encrypted vault online, on your mobile app, and in your browser extensions! 

Compared to what I was used to using, LastPass was a far superior product. So, advanced that I state that it's the best password manager around. With unlimited passwords, password generation, secure notes and many other extra features! It's by far the best password vault around and on multiple devices.

At first, it was the master password and flexibility that brought me into the fold. Once I got my master password set, I began to look into the browser extensions. I know for certain that there are browser extensions for the Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. As for any other browsers, I've got no idea on them. 

last pass on the smart watch

Fast forward to today, and I've swan dove completely into this software. I keep all client logins inside Last Pass with that unlimited password capability, as well as, adding all password for my personal life. The best password vault around and I've added hundreds of passwords within days. 

I've also begin to remove duplicate passwords based on LastPass notifications. I didn't realize how much password security was an important feature within the online account. The premium subscription allows me to scan all of my existing passwords, and identify all duplicate password, as well as, check their password strength. 

last pass in the browser extension

The best password manager is simply freaking amazing and if you can spare a few dollars a month to simplify your life this is the place to spend it.

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Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with LastPass, but we are a happy customer. All of the LastPass images were downloaded off of their website. We do not own them.


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