Tips for Building a High-Quality Email List

Published: 17-Dec-2021
Last Updated: 05-Dec-2021
Tips for Building a High-Quality Email List

Did you know that on average email marketing has the highest ROI of all marketing channels? According to Litmus, email drives an average ROI of $36 for every $1 spent.

That means your email list has the potential to be one of your most powerful marketing assets. So what are you doing to ensure that your list is getting bigger and better?

Below we are going to explore the different ways to build a high-quality email list. 

Building Your Email Subscriber List Digitally

Create Great Content

join our newsletter text on tablet

Routinely sharing relevant content that people want to share with their friends and colleagues is the best way to grow your list. Consumers are constantly checking and receiving emails. But a lot of the email content they receive is self-serving or irrelevant. Ensuring that your content is consistently worth your subscribers' time will make you separate you from the masses. That doesn't mean constantly having something profound to say or having an amazing interview with an industry leader. Sometimes that means sending a special deal or announcing an event for your subscribers. 

Drive Email Signups with Your Website

Dynamic and static sign-up forms are another excellent way to gather leads digitally. They can live almost anywhere on your site and can be triggered based on visitor behavior. 

Gated content is one of the most popular methods of collecting lead information. Gated content is a strategy where a relevant piece of content is offered to a web visitor (often via exit intent pop up) but contact information is required to access it.

email subscriber form screenshot

In the image above, Active Campaign promises a free guide in exchange for their web visitor's email. 

Another popular lead capture method is adding a subscribe button to your blog page and/or site footer. This will capture leads who are consistent site visitors and have shown strong signs of interest in your organization.  

Social Media Marketing

You use an email newsletter to promote your organization. But are you promoting your newsletter? If you're distributing your highest quality content via email you should be letting people know on social media.

That doesn't mean copy & paste your newsletter on Facebook. Instead, create social media posts that tease the content in your next newsletter and include a link to join your email list. This will encourage your social media followers to trade their contact information for exclusive content. 

Additionally, organizations can include links to subscribe to their social media profiles. 

facebook page example signup button screenshot

In the image above you can see how Sow True Seed gives followers the option to subscribe to their community newsletter on Facebook.  

Building Your Email Subscriber List in Person

Whether you are a local farmer at a farmers market or a SAAS company at Salesforce, events are one of your best opportunities to build your email list. Individuals who stop by your booth were drawn in by what you are offering or even better decided to make a purchase. Both are signals that they would like to keep up to date with your business. But a lot of businesses let these interested individuals walk away without collecting any information to contact them in the future. 

Point of Purchase

Retailers are known to use this strategy. It often sounds like, "Would you like to become a rewards member?" Retailers often offer a discount in exchange for a customer signing up using their email address. Consumers continue to hear this speal from retail cashiers because it results in sales. You can easily apply this strategy to your business by offering a coupon on a future purchase.

Some customers will even agree to sign up for updates without special discounts. In the case of a local farmer, customers may be able to provide their email address to be the first to know when their favorite seasonal vegetable is coming to market. This might seem like a complicated system to set up for a small business, but software like Square makes it simple to collect customer email addresses. 

Leave us Your Information

Your team has decided to go to a trade show. If it's a large event like Dreamforce there's a lot of money tied up in the event. Entry fees, sponsorship fees, and you have also invested in incentives for people to drop by your booth. So now it's time to recoup your investment by collecting the contact information of potential customers.

At larger trade shows when hundreds or thousands of people will come by your booth manually entering email addresses is inefficient. Coming to a trade show with an efficient way for visitors to enter their information allows your team to focus on having quality conversations about your product.

Two common solutions are QR scanners and laptops/tablets with a sign-up form linked to your CRM/email marketing software. These solutions will allow your team to avoid spending time on manual data entry. If you're attending a smaller trade show or your organization isn't ready to invest in either tech option a physical form is still an effective option. But it means there will be some manual data entry on the back end.

Wrap Up

The collection of email addresses is an essential part of most organization's customer acquisition strategy. That doesn't mean you need a massive email list to be a successful email marketer. A list of loyal customers can have way more value than a massive list of unengaged individuals. But you need to constantly stock the fire by collecting the contact information of potential customers (digitally and/or in-person). 

We often work with clients who are struggling to grow their list of email subscribers. For clients with a consistent flow of web traffic, we recommend adding digital email subscription forms in key places on their website. For clients whose web traffic is low, we recommend stepping out of the office. Connecting with potential customers in person at networking events, trade shows, etc. with systems in place for data collection can drive awareness and subscribers. 

After you've established these systems to turn visitors into subscribers the ball is back in your court to create helpful content and maintain email list health.


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