What Is A Customer-Centric Digital Strategy?

Published: 22-Dec-2021
Last Updated: 08-Jan-2022
What Is A Customer-Centric Digital Strategy?

Business-to-consumer companies today are always working toward implementing a successful customer-first digital strategy. Keeping your company top of mind can be challenging with the many things vying for people's attention online, but it is possible if you spend resources on areas that align with your core goals. 

All aspects of your digital strategy, from web development to social media marketing, should form a cohesive whole geared toward customer satisfaction. Here are things to keep in mind to genuinely prioritize customers in your business.

Consider Customer Behavior Online

customer shopping online using his phone and paying by credit card

Digital businesses must understand how people behave online. For instance, the evaluation cycle has become considerably shorter for consumers. High-speed connections, mobile technology, and the influx of media have made people impatient for solutions. Even a three-second wait for a page causes 53 percent of people browsing on mobile to close the window and look for other websites.

Consumers today have better control over purchasing decisions, but they are also your best driver for business. Positive reviews and ratings from current users or customers can influence others to buy from you. When reflecting on your digital strategy, think of how you measure business success. What interactions are people having with your business, and how well does it align with their typical behavior online?

Gain Insights through Omnichannel Touchpoints

Consumers typically interact with a brand several times before purchasing, and having an omnichannel digital experience helps your business gain insights that bridge y our offline and online strategies. Create a seamless experience for customers. They should find it easy to move from your website to your social media platforms or from there to your brick-and-mortar store.

People are more conscious of the customer journey, and any inconsistencies are sure to turn them off. Compare your digital and physical touchpoints and assess which ones are most effective for the type of product or service you offer.

Having a notification, email, or messaging system lets you talk directly to customers and guide them through the purchasing journey. Whether you're primarily an online or offline business, stay on top of customer expectations and create a digital conversation.

Use Data to Improve Customer Experience

Data in isolation does not help you reach your goals and metrics. You need proper data analysis—for example, the number of comments and reactions on your social media pages do not translate into revenue unless you can directly tie them to your sales strategy. Look at the causes and effects of metrics and develop your channels accordingly.

Also, use both qualitative and quantitative metrics to get a better picture of your customers' sentiments. Besides traffic and impressions, you can conduct surveys, check reviews and comments, and use tools to map how they navigate your site.

Put User Experience at the Forefront Online

Your priority should always be to create a user interface that people will find accessible and intuitive. If not, they will choose other websites or products. Besides usability, however, you need to go deeper. Look at how each piece of content or page can help visitors appreciate your rand even more. Everything from the color to the font style, pictures, videos, and spacing on these digital materials should contribute to the image you are cultivating.

Apple is one company that's great at integrating UX and branding. Their face-to-face experiences blend smoothly into customers' digital experiences. The website is modern yet approachable and shows off the products, putting them in the spotlight.

Build a Community Around the Brand

Cultivating brand loyalty is the most effective way to generate repeat business. It isn't exclusive to brick-and-mortar stores, either—online channels can also inspire trust in a business. Tripadvisor is a company that does well in community-building. They use gamification like special badges and scoring systems to reward active community members. User-generated content is also a big chunk of what makes Tripadvisor a reliable source online.

instant pot facebook community screenshot


When you put customers first in your digital strategy, you are more likely to achieve long-term success. From studying how your target market behaves online to creating a community around your brand, you should be prepared to create multiple touchpoints that will help drive home the image you want your customers to have of your business. Consulting a branding agency should help you organize the finer details of your strategy.

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