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The Gis 4 GIs Foundation (G4G) project has been ongoing since late 2018 / early 2019. This is a WordPress website that we manage on behalf of the non-profit organization (NPO).

There are several services that we provide to this charity on a regular reoccurring basis. Each of them are detailed below.

Branding, Business Development, Consulting and Marketing

The three of these are combined here because many of the problems identified are all connected to other areas.

In terms of Branding, we've helped with the brand's message, and help them stay on message when writing copy for the website, as well as, social media posting or email marketing.

In terms of Business Development, we've helped streamline the back-end of the website, but also the systems and workflows in place. This was possible because we were able to identify time intensive tasks that can be streamlined by technology and inventory management practices.

We've also taken this a step further to work on customer validation services, such as, to verify recipients of support. Which ultimately reduces the need for a manual verification of a recipient's status as a Veteran, Government Employee, Police Officer, or First Responder, etc.

All of the above, and more, ties into the consulting and marketing aspect. Something as small as how much to charge for a product, to engaging the long-term mindset over the short-term. Or even how to connect with corporate organizations to inquire about supporting an event or donating significant funding.


For Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services, we have strategized the plan, executed the plan, monitored results, tweaked the plan, and modified the site to work with the tweaks that the data presented.

We're constantly monitoring what is going on with this website, in order to come up with creative ways to get more clients to the website in general (SEO). It's so much more than just getting them to the website. Once they get there, we track where they go in order to better understand how to get them to take action.

Whether the action is to subscribe to email marketing, getting the visitor to donate, purchase a product, sponsor an event, or even just contact us for help. It's all tied to the umbrella of CRO.

Web Design & Development

Early on, working with G4G we took on the hosting of their website. When this first happened, we started improving their website in agile sprints. Small steps, one at a time.

Eventually, we completely redesigned and rebuilt the entire website to fall in line with the business development and consulting strategy that we created early on in our work.

We took it further, and redesigned and rebuilt the website once more during the COVID-19 pandemic. Which helped the charity gain more conversions than before.

We've also built the integration for the website, and it will be live when authorizes G4G with production/live access.


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