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Branding is the process of giving a meaning to a specific organization, company, logo, icon, products or services, and emotion. We apply branding by creating, forming and shaping the preconceived "image" that will rest in consumers’ minds.

Simplified Branding

There are several factors that make up a brand, that are either tangible (like a logo or color scheme) or it could even be intangible (like an emotion or feeling inside).

By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet.

-Captain Planet and the Planeteers 1990-1996

Brand Assets

But seriously, when all the brand elements come together, your "brand" is on display. Brands are a combination of tangible and intangible elements, such as the following:

  • Visual design elements (i.e., logo, color, typography, images, tagline, packaging, etc.)
  • Distinctive product features (i.e. quality, design sensibility, personality, etc.)
  • Intangible aspects of customers’ experience with a product or company (i.e. reputation, customer experience, etc.)

Our goal for branding projects it to help clients find themselves. We typically start with the brand message. To find this, we utilize the StoryBrand framework. Once the message is completed, we can move on to work out the rest of the brand assets and image.

Building a Story Brand Cover

Through this framework, clients are forced to dig deep and be objective in the pursuit of the truth, rather than working through through the process without substance. That's why we buy this book for our clients.


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