Color Psychology: How Can Colors Influence Performance and Productivity?

Published: 06-Jul-2021
Last Updated: 06-Jul-2021
Color Psychology: How Can Colors Influence Performance and Productivity?

Did you know that moods, productivity, and attitudes can be affected by colors? Understanding the psychological effects that colors can have on an individual can be the edge you’re looking for in your workplace. Even seemingly minor details could have significant impacts.

Today, we’ll discuss what exactly color psychology is and how it works. Then, we will discuss various colors and the connections they have to emotions and perceptions. Finally, we’ll explain in detail what effects they could potentially have on behavior, performance, and productivity. 

The Psychology of Color

Let’s begin by discussing the principles that makeup color psychology. Each color has a specific meaning which can be either learned or innate. The way a person perceives a color causes color-motivated behavior. After some evaluation, the colors begin to influence a person automatically, often unbeknownst to the individual.  

Beyond the cognitive effect, color psychology is so powerful that it can physically affect a person. Effects such as increased blood pressure and heart rate are a few examples. While there is still much left to study regarding color psychology, there is no denying that it significantly affects human emotion, behavior, and physical status.

Different Colors and How They Influence Performance and Productivity

In the office, one can use color psychology to create a productive and peaceful working environment. Many industries, such as marketing and interior design, already use color psychology to guide them in their decision-making. Given the clear indication that color psychology is used effectively in the professional world, perhaps it is time to consider using the power of color in your office space. 

Color # 1. Red

Red is a warm and dynamic color that elicits confidence and excitement. It can even cause blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, and metabolism to elevate. In addition, the color red has been known to increase confidence levels and is often associated with passion.   

How Red Can Influence Performance and Productivity

Red can improve one’s performance on detail-oriented tasks by increasing their sense of energy. Perhaps it is for this reason that this color can make people’s work more accurate. Therefore, red may be a great color to increase productivity if your job requires mental alertness or physical activity. However, when red is used excessively, people can feel frustration or aggression and become more irritable or hostile. Because of this, you will want to use this color in moderation. 

Color # 2. Yellow

When you think of the color yellow, you may picture a sunflower or the sun itself. These thoughts may be part of the reason that yellow is considered the happiest color. This color is a mood lifter and elicits hope and a positive frame of mind. 

How Yellow Can Influence Performance and Productivity

Using this color for accents can give energy to your environment and make employees feel optimistic and cheerful. Yellow can boost an individual’s attention level and can be used to help employees retain information. Even though the color can provide happiness and positivity, its bright color can overwhelm and irritate viewers and lead to a feeling of caution. Due to this reason, use yellow as an accent color, such as behind a whiteboard or on handouts. 

Color # 3. Orange

Orange provides a sense of warmth and is often associated with amusement and lightheartedness. Its prevalence in the seasonal transitions can cause those who see it to think of change and renewal. Since orange is the combination of yellow and red, it can stimulate both the mind and body.  

How Orange Can Influence Performance and Productivity

Orange can evoke feelings of energy and stimulation, increasing productivity and enthusiasm. It is not as overpowering as red but still promotes a “call to action” and alertness among those in its presence. Using orange to complement another color can increase energy levels and keep your employees determined throughout the day. 

Color # 4. Blue

Because blue is the color of the sky and sea, its hue is seen as soothing and allows people to feel inner peace and calmness. Furthermore, upon seeing the color blue, our bodies create chemicals that cause us to feel relaxed and rested. Thus, when exposed to blue, one may experience decreased anxiety and reduced stress. 

How Blue Can Influence Performance and Productivity

The color blue can enhance an individual’s ability to perform creative or repetitive tasks. A workplace can use lighter blues to create happier emotions and darker blues to provide a professional vibe. On the downside, blue has the potential to create feelings of apathy, disengagement, and loneliness. For best results, be sure to use other, warmer colors to balance with the blue. 

Color # 5. Green 

Green combines yellow and blue to create a mixture of the emotions the two colors evoke. This color is associated with growth and renewal due to its prevalence in nature. Due to its delicate appearance, green is the easiest color on the eyes.

How Green Can Influence Performance and Productivity

Green promotes decisiveness and concentration because it helps to develop a sense of balance. It makes one feel relaxed and refreshed. Use this color in the workplace to create perceptions of new beginnings, security, and possibility. Achieve this easily by adding indoor plants to your workplace. 

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